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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How easy is it to change mac address?

A: Very easy! You can change MAC address in six easy steps.

1) Install your SpeedDemon.

2) Place the configuration disk in the drive and turn your computer on.

3) Type "M" to change MAC address, press enter.
4) Type your desired Ethernet address, press enter.

5) Press "Y" to change mac address.
6) Press "E" and enter to reboot.

Q: I want to change MAC address, should I buy a SpeedDemon network card?

A: Software manufacturers can limit software so that it can be used only with an authorized network card. This form of copy protection relies on the network card's hardware address. This effective method of copy protection disadvantages legitimate users because network cards often fail. Having SpeedDemon network cards available ensures that your network will endure a hardware failure.

Furthermore, you can connect to the Internet through your Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) only if your computer has a network card or cable modem with an authorized network address. If you change mac address, your SpeedDemon network card clones your network card that is authorized to access the Internet. Your SpeedDemon with change mac address will allow you to connect two different computers to the Internet with only one subscription. This method of broadband connection sharing requires only a single Internet account and does not require the two computers to be connected.

Every other method to change MAC address is inferior. Software-based methods to change mac address merely modify your registry or other system files. They don't really change MAC address, they only fool your computer into thinking that you have a new Ethernet address for a short time. With software-based solutions, your hardware address will eventually reset back and there is no money-back guarantee. Furthermore, computer programmers and network professionals detect this inferior method and prevent it.

Now that SpeedDemon adapters are available, a new; easy; and practical method to change mac address is available.

Q: What is significant about SpeedDemon network card ability to change mac address?

A: SpeedDemon network cards allow you to change MAC address thousands of times. When you change MAC address so that the SpeedDemon duplicates another computer's network address makes the computer with the SpeedDemon appear to be the same computer as the one with the original network address. ISP's rely on a computer's Ethernet address in order to authorize (or deny) access to the internet. If you change MAC address, using a SpeedDemon will allow you to have two computers authorized to access the internet; one computer at home that is authorized by your ISP and the other computer at your office with a SpeedDemon.

Q: If I'm connecting two computers to my ISP's network, why don't I just get two accounts from my ISP instead of change mac address?

A: Because you will pay double in subscription fees. ISP's offer major discounts if two computers are connected to the Internet using only one subscription, one computer with a SpeedDemon with a change mac address and an additional IP address.

Q: Why don't I just buy a hub or switch?

A: A hub or switch may suit you better than a SpeedDemon if the computers you are trying to connect to the Internet are physically located next to one another. However, if the computers you are trying to connect to the Internet are located across a house or in different buildings, the SpeedDemon would be a better choice because the SpeedDemon doesn't require the two computers to be connected in any way. If you don't want network cables cluttering your hallways, you want a SpeedDemon.

Q: Is there another way to change MAC address?


  1. Carefully desolder the EEPROM from your network card.
  2. Place the EEPROM into an EEPROM programmer and hex dump the EEPROM's data to your computer.
  3. Find the data that corresponds to your hardware address (instructions on how to find your network address follow.)
  4. Change MAC address EEPROM data to reflect your desired network address and checksum. Information on modifying the checksum varies among network card manufacturers; in order to find the information, you must contact your NIC manufacturer.
  5. After you change MAC address data, dump the modified data back to your EEPROM and resolder the EEPROM onto your NIC board.

Q: How can I find my MAC address?

A: For windows 2000 and windows XP computers:

1) Click "start", then "run".

2) Type "command".

3) Type "ipconfig /all" and locate your ethernet address in the "Physical Address" field.

A: For windows 95, windows 98, and windows me computers:

1) Click "start", then "run".

2) Type "winipcfg".

3) Locate and click your network card.

2) Type "winipcfg".

Q: What is a MAC Address?

A: A MAC address is a 12 character hexadecimal string that is stored in the chips in your computer’s network card.  Hexadecimal numbers are 0-9 and A-F.  Every MAC address is unique; it serves as the network card’s “fingerprint”.  The following are examples of possible MAC addresses:  AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF, 12-34-56-78-90-12, and A1-B2-C3-D4-E5-F6.  Real MAC addresses do not have patterns like the examples listed in the previous sentence.  Therefore, a MAC address is much more likely to look like: 00-AF-C3-45-99-3A.   Every time you transfer data to/from the Internet, your MAC address is broadcast.

Q: What is the Purpose of the MAC Address?

A: The MAC Address uniquely identifies your computer on the Internet and makes sure that your incoming Internet traffic makes it to you.  This is very similar to your home address uniquely identifying your home.  Without MAC Addresses, everyone would get everyone else’s Internet traffic.  Imagine how embarrassing it would be if someone else got your email.

Q: Why Change MAC Address?

A: If you are reading this, you probably want to know how to change MAC address with one of many possible goals in mind.  For example, perhaps your high-speed Internet service provider provides (or declines) service based on your MAC address, which is quite common.  If your old network card is lost, stolen, or broken, you might want a new network card that permits a MAC address change, such as any network card sold on this website.  Alternatively, you might want Internet privacy.  It is also possible that you use software that requires you to have a network card with a specific MAC address.  If that network card was destroyed or lost, you might want a SpeedDemon so you can change MAC Address.

Q: How do I Change MAC?

A: It is difficult to change MAC address because MAC addresses are designed to be permanent.  Changing your MAC address with SpeedDemon could not be simpler.  SpeedDemon works with all operating systems.  When you receive your order, you will have a manual, a CDROM, and a network card.  First, please install the SpeedDemon network card into your computer.  Second, please insert the CDROM into your CDROM drive and start your computer.  The computer will boot from the CDROM and bring up a configuration utility that will allow you to change your MAC address.  That’s it! 1




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