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You may think it is impossible to change MAC address, you may have even tried ineffective software products that claim they can modify MAC address.

- Now you can modify your MAC address:

Change MAC Address with SpeedDemon!

Just imagine if you could clone a network card on Windows, Unix, and most other operating systems so that...

...if you have one computer at your home that is connected to your ISP (cable/DSL service) and another computer at your office across town with a SpeedDemon installed, you can modify MAC address and connect both computers to the Internet and pay for only one internet service account - the service in your home...; or

...in the event that your network card fails, you could change MAC address and continue to use software that is dependant on your network card's MAC address - insuring the continued operation of your network and business.

The wait is over...

Now you can change MAC address...

Introducing the SpeedDemon: A line of networking products with configurable MAC addresses for cable modems and DSL.

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